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How often do successful people change jobs?

On the basis that wherever the Americans go, the UK will usually follow, a survey of senior management in the US that appeared on LinkedIn at the weekend makes interesting reading.  The typical American senior executive is, apparently, “a white man in his 50s with an MBA who has switched jobs every four years.”

Although the race and sex of this sterotype will be depressingly familiar, a pertinent point is raised by the regularity with which he changes his job.  It is now  unusual for executives to follow the example of, say, Sir Sandy Crombie at Standard Life or Lord Browne at BP, who joined their chosen company as teenagers and remained to secure the top job at the end of their careeers.

Clearly, loyalty is still valued by employers, but breadth and depth of knowledge and experience are valued even more.  Whilst it remains the case that having too many jobs on your CV will count heavily against you, very long periods with the same company will equally raise questions about whether you have become institutionalised and over your flexibility to adapt to new challenges and circumstances.

Proactive, dynamic people don’t sit still and wait for something to happen.  They are constantly active in looking to the future for their next challenge, or where they can achieve the most.  That may come from their current company, but it’s equally likely that it won’t.

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