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Hunters versus farmers - the old dichotomy

As the media emerges from a long recession that has sorted the wheat from the chaff in more ways than one, media owners in all sectors have returned with a vengance to the media sales recruitment market.

For many of them, capitalising on economic recovery means, above all, a focus on new business.  More than 80 percent of the new roles Carreras Lathane has registered since the beginning of last month have particularly focused on business development skills.

So if you are a jobseeker, and are a proven ‘hunter’ of new business, we at Carreras Lathane are particularly interested in hearing from you.

What does that mean for those worthy individuals whose skills lie in account management – the ‘farmers’ of this analogy?  The careful management of existing clients with a view to retaining and growing their business is, and always will be, a key function of sales teams in all areas of the media.

However, employers recovering from a long series of lean years want to see evidence of a salesperson’s capacity to hunt down and close new deals like never before.  ‘Consultative salesperson’ is the last phrase they want to see on a CV right now.

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