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The perils of relying on psychometric tests

The Co-op Bank’s recent tribulations raise serious questions about the way some employers use psychometric testing.

Hunters versus farmers – the old dichotomy

As the media emerges from a long recession that has sorted the wheat from the chaff in more ways than one, media owners in all sectors have returned with a vengance to the media sales recruitment market.

How often do successful people change jobs?

On the basis that wherever the Americans go, the UK will usually follow, a survey of senior management in the US that appeared on LinkedIn at the weekend makes interesting reading.

Manage your career – especially in its early stages

Further news appears today on the trend towards shorter job tenure. The CEO of Jobvite estimates that people now in their 30s will hold between 15 and 20 jobs in a 40 year career.

Encouraging news for media sales job hunters

As the Periodical Publishers’ Association reports that increases in headcount are resulting from strong revenue growth in 2013, there has rarely been a better time to look at your skill set and plan your next career move.


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