Sensible advice .Please remember staying in a job too long is almost as bad as not staying long enough. One must manage one’s career and take advantage of the window of opportunity that has a finite time period

Job seekers, please note your cv should show what you can do for a future employer , not what you want from a job


Apparently the interviewer makes up their mind about the candidate in the first 12 seconds of the meeting and then spends the rest of the time confirming this . So it svery important to have dry hands, firm handshake, good eye contact and be of smart appearance , as you only have a short time to make a good impression. Ken Lathane

Senior role

Tom Toher was very disappointed that his team Crystal Palace were knocked out on penalty points last night in the Carling Cup. He prestends not to care but…….

Got a very senior role for a Brand Strategist , who knows about customer journeys, crm, probably around £100k, West End

Great week end, no rain, no ice, no hangover even managed to win the wine at golf , what more could anyone ask for.


Happy New Year to all our readers. I had a better Christmas than previous years as I managed to get a few golf games in . Just noticed that Bob’s size is , not L , not XL but XXL . He is sporting a salmon pink and black top today . Does his wife let him out looking like that ?


Don’t you just love this weather . It looks like the planned golf for the week end will not be happening . You know last week when I was playing, the wind was howling, pouring with rain, I sliced the drive into the trees,turned to my playing partners and said ” You know if I was single I would give up this game ” Ken Lathane

Thought for the day

I have always abided by the maxim, ” always endeavour to do what you say you are going to do” This has sometimes caused me problems , agreeing on the spur of the moment to play golf with a total beginnner , agreeing to give lifts to people at 5am etc. Ah well too old to change now. Ken L