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What do hiring managers look for?

This is, perhaps, the subject that receives the most over-exposure on the plethora of sites advising candidates how best to present themselves at interview, but a new survey from Reed Employment reinforces a few universal truths.

Consumer or b2b – which offers the best career?

Here’s a controversial view of the difference between consumer and business media, forcefully put to one of Carreras Lathane’s consultants the other day.

How to lose a job that is already in the bag

The seemingly ubiquitous James Caan was in the press this week, talking about what not to say at interviews. His comments contain several universal truths.

Has Linkedin had its day?

It’s relevance as a recruitment vehicle, though, is less clear. In recent years, employers have turned increasingly to LinkedIn as a universal panacea for all their staffing problems.

Keeping Psychometrics In Their Proper Place

Our article on the dangers of over-relying on psychometric testing has provoked some discussion that has included a list of tips for its more effective use, which might be especially helpful to employers who use it only rarely.

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