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The Carreras Lathane team have all worked at management levels across a wide variety of media businesses, and have been significantly successful in these roles. That knowledge provides your Carreras Lathane consultant with a unique insight into the challenges of building media sales teams..

You will find them incisive in their fact finding, empathetic to your situation and rigorous in their selection process, to ensure you see the strongest possible short list for your vacancy.

Carreras Lathane has a proven track record of successfully filling vacancies with large number of blue chip media businesses, and is equally committed to working with small digital start-ups who benefit from our unique guarantee terms, which mean that we share the risk with you, the client.

Carreras Lathane understands the importance of the recruitment process to your business and is committed to addressing your recruitment need urgently, professionally and with total commitment to ensuring the right appointment is made.

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